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Table of Contents

💡Quickstart - Essentials

This guide offers a comprehensive beginner's overlook on using NovelAI.

Main Concepts in NovelAIAI Writing EssentialsData and PrivacyCustomization


🔗Useful Links & Resources

❓ Detailed Help

⌨️Shortcuts and Hotkeys

Interact with NovelAI more effectively.

⚙️NovelAI Features

Expand your knowledge of AI concepts and elements of NovelAI.


Primer on what a GPT model is.

Stories 📚

Features of the story library.

Context 📃

How text is managed and read by NovelAI and its models.

Lorebook 📖

Write entries for characters, places, and much more.

Story Settings 🪶

Choose models, modules, write injections, and more.

Advanced Settings 🔬

Phrase biasing, stop sequences, token bans, and more.

Generation Settings 🎚️

Temperature, Sampling and penalties.

Sharing 🤝

Share scenarios, lorebooks, screenshots, and more.

Account Settings 🧰

All the settings that can be accessed from the Account Settings menu. (⚙️)

Tools 🔧

Advanced tools to expand your NovelAI experience.

✒️Writing Help

This guide will help you refine your basic English skills and learn ways to 'talk' to the AI more effectively.

🕵️‍♂️Privacy and Security

This guide contains information about the processes employed by NovelAI to protect your data.


Customize NovelAI's appearance to suit your needs with this short guide.


This short guide offers a quick reference to subscription tiers.

  • 👩‍💻Expert Guides

    Those guides are written by users in order to assist with specific tasks.

    It is assumed you know about the basic function of all features of NovelAI before reading them.

    AI Writing

    👨‍🏫Experts' AI Tips

    ✒️Narrative Example Tutorial

    🖊️Directing the Narrative

    💻Lorebook Generation Tutorial

    📏Phrase Bias Tutorial

    🤖Using Regex

    😺Pume's Memory Guide and Lorebook Guide

    👩‍✈️Directing AI Generation (Outdated)

    🖼️Image Generation

    🍸Prompt Mixing Guide

    🎞️Carlyone's Aesthetics Gallery

    Content Creation

    📚Datasetting for AI Modules

    Setting a Module Image

    👩‍🎨Making Custom Themes